Love God, Grow Together, Care for the World.

Welcome, Christian Lindbeck! We are excited for you to join us as Lead Pastor this August.

To learn more about Christian, check out his Facebook Page or listen to some of his sermons at

You can also check out his recent Sermon that he gave at Hillcrest on 6/11/17 here:

Below is a letter to Hillcrest from Christian:

Hello Hillcrest!

What an honor to finally be writing to you. I have spent so much time stalking around your church, watching sermons online,searching Google images, and walking around your town, that it is high-time I met you before it gets creepy 🙂 Honestly, I have been praying about you and your church for more than two years. The timing was never quite right or God’s direction was unclear. In the past few months everything clicked together in ways that have God’s finger prints all over it. I know what a wonderful church you have built together, so my courage to step into this role springs from the clarity with which God is calling me to it. I hope that when we meet, and as you pray, the Holy Spirit provides some of the same clarity for you. I’d love for us to stand back at the end and say something like the first disciples, “this feels right to all of us and the Holy Spirit.”

I’ll take a moment to introduce myself. Someday, I will tell you the complicated story of my childhood, but suffice it to say, God has been unduly gracious to me. I have a professional military background in the Air Force, and academic employment history with Northwest University and Gorden-Conwell Theological Seminary. I have been in Christian Ministry for 20+ years and specifically pastoral ministry for 15. The past 10 years I have been the Senior Associate Pastor, Campus Pastor, Sunday morning teacher, and Dean of our College of Ministry at Canyon Creek Church. I love the local church. I left full time academia because I believe the church is the front line hope of the world. I have kept my hand in higher education because I believe in the transformation of the world-changers that study there. I love being around people. I am energized by crowds.I love to laugh. I love to study. I love to work on a team.And I love the mission of Jesus. I would add, we have fallen in love with Bellingham. What a wonderfully quirky, cool place surrounded by PNW beauty.

My family is excited about this opportunity. I have been married to Jennifer Rae for almost 23 years. We met at Northwest University in 1992. We have been happily together since our freshman year of college- 25 years.

Jennifer was an English major and is currently finishing a Master’s degree in Curriculum Design and Instruction. She works for Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Corporation in Philanthropy.But her real passion is preschool. I should say, her real gifting is preschool. She teaches every Sunday in our kid’s program at Canyon Creek. And literally hundreds of parents have come to tell me how exceptional she is in that environment. I always just say “thank you” and let it affirm that is what God made her to do. We have two boys, Josiah and Samuel. But they go by Joe and Sam.Joe is a recent high school graduate preparing to attend WSU in the fall studying Computer Science. Joe is my philosopher and Sam is my “golden retriever.” Sam is usually just happy to be awake and wondering what and when we will eat next. They are 18 and 15 respectively, so we do see the occasional teen moments. But, by in large, they are both outstanding kids. We are proud parents.

I know that these are tiny insights into who I am,and far too little with which to make such important decision. But these are the moments we have. I invite you to look at any Social Media or content I have on the internet. I try to just be me everywhere. I have listed some links above. There are some sermons to watch, and checking out our college-the School of Ministry & leadership will provide some real insight into how I think. I am looking forward to meeting you soon. I will do my best to take Facebook friend requests and answer emails as quickly as possible. I am pretty much an open book.

Blessings on you as you deliberate,

Christian Theodore Lindbeck